‘print me…… maybe?’


Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t ….  one of the irritating things about being out and about with your beloved (iPad) is that -you can’t ALWAYS print what you would like or save what you want to an app.

There are not just apps to save a screen that you’ve either viewed on the web,or maybe you just want to save the app design you just created on your home page …BUT not sure if you want to keep that layout or not.

WELL, here is a solution!!

TRY IT:   Simultaneously press the ON/OFF button on the top right of your “beloved” and the HOME button AT THE SAME TIME…..

and if your volume is on, the screen will flash (sounds like a camera…) and WAAAAhhLAhhh!!  You just took a pic of the screen and it will be saved to your camera pics!

I just have found that this is a huge help when I am unable to print from my “beloved” to a dreaded piece of paper….ew……

You could be caught in the depths of a bird watching expedition and just suddenly have to save the screen… or PRINT SCREEN!

Oh, ok, now the bird that you were so desperately waiting for may or may not still be there –

depends on how good you get at this “new or not so new”  HOW TO!!  hee!  Saves time anyhoooo!

Comments and love of posts are ALWAYS welcome……

criticism, however,  isn’t always welcome, but well taken! 😉