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IS there Cliff notes, ‘for dummies’???? There should be….now I need one on ENRON! stat!

Writing a paper on Enron?!  Seriously?!

I would rather play with a TERANCHALA – sp?  I LOATHE writing and dispise it even more when I know ZERO on the subject!

Feel free to help out here… I have NO clue what Enron was about and now I know maybe 5% more than I did yesterday only because I’m being made to write this paper for my IT402 IT consulting class! ARGH!!!!


JaJa…..ahhhhh the gadget of my dreams!


JaJa…..ahhhhh the gadget of my dreams!

The JaJa pressure senstive stylus gives you creative, artistic control for your iPad or tablet.

Until now there has been no way for a stylus to communicate with the iPad without using a wire or a proprietary protocol – protocols that are battery intensive or not supported by the iPad in Airplane mode (wifi or Bluetooth).

HEX3 has developed a patent pending system for the JaJa Stylus that will allow you to draw for days with a single replaceable AAA battery, with all smartphones, and nearly all tablet devices.

Without wires, Bluetooth or wifi, its radio free circuitry is able to be used in Airplane mode, in hospitals, education and the mining industry or while sketching on a plane!

JaJa Stylus can communicate the pressure required for artistic brush strokes and the flourishes of a signature. For complex forms or data entry, the two…

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